Another day in Paradise

I passed up a beautiful sunny afternoon wandering with my camera in Nelson for this. Instead I'm transistioning from one soft surface to another, listening to my butterball cat chatter like a 5-yr old in a very annoying voice. I'm managed to get from bed to the dining table to the sofa so far today. In my current world that's a fair accomplishment.Still trying to convince my insides they don't hate me and that yesterday's epidsode was entirely unnecessary, even if they did have some quarrel with me.

I was reading a blog recommended by another blog I'm quai-following. The writer has made it a point not to reveal anything about herself: name, location, etc. It left me wondering, aside from withholding "Hi, my name is ______ and I live in _________", how does one not reveal anything about themselves while blogging? Some of the posts I've read are more telling and personal than if we'd sat down together for coffee and talked for two hours.

Oh boy. The umpa-loompa music is blaring again. That's almost enough to make me sick again. It's just too fecking happy and I'm exhausted. Another nap may be in order...

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