No fun undone

So…at present I have the most energy I’ve had since probably…I was 10 years old. It comes on me in fits and spurts and this particular spurt is slightly inconvenient. It’s 10pm pacific time – I’m game to run a marathon right now. Unfortunately my couch-potato hubby is becoming annoyed by my incessant nagging that we should dance, drink, fornicate, do bad-ass cardio, run (on foot) to 7-Eleven, or otherwise burn insane amounts of juice so that I might be able to sleep tonight. So far he hasn’t jumped at any of my suggestions, for which I’m slightly put out. Usually I’m dragging major ass after a day of waiting on indecisive elderly ladies and want nothing more than to sit undisturbed for 10 minutes and slink off to bed. Tonight though, even after a day of being a man down and at least one exceptionally difficult, indecisive elderly lady (and her footman), I’m ready to take on a small army. It might have been the burrito, the fruitcake, or the other cake – I’m not sure. Anyway, the bad part of this whole thing – if nobody joins in or worse attempts to tone me down to a reasonable level of eccentricity…most of the fizz drains away in disappointment. I’m approaching that level at this moment and it feels somewhat like an opportunity wasted. I’ve been instructed by a higher power: leave no fun undone.

So I’m off to create a little madness on this otherwise uneventful evening. I hope you all do the same, because ultimately my favorite question and motto: Why not??

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