When Inspiration Strikes...

There’s something to be said for inspiration.

You stride through the world with even the winds at your command, or conversely you wander, taking leisurely strolls, stopping to smell flowers and enjoy sunsets… and yet, when inspiration grabs you, you realize in a flashing, humbling moment that you haven’t really been paying attention. Suddenly everything is alive with color and deeper meaning, like you've never seen it before.

It comes from surprising sources, always there but often where the eye does not see, and then – its thrust to the front where it won’t be ignored and takes your breath away.

I read two authors recently that by the shortest of paragraphs pulled my heart out where I had no choice but to see it. To gently force contemplation or longing is truly a gift, one which I have often failed to give my readers. Please take a moment to become acquainted with Meditations in an Emergency and Birdykins: Fly, Crash, Repeat. You won’t be disappointed.

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birdykins said...

Aw. Thank you for the kind words.