Mental Meanderings on a Tough Day

Uncertainty pervades these days. It’s all new and shiny, this new year of unparalleled opportunities, and yet the undercurrent is the same: impending tragedy hovering in the wings. Standing at the precipice with toes gripping the edge, holding the breath and praying whatever looms doesn’t descend. We’re all there, in one way or another. Times are hard - ask anyone.

Yet…we smile; we laugh. We leave hard decisions for another day and pretend all is well. And for a little while, it is. We pretend some more. Too much is attached to so little and yet we know no different. Those with little are poor; those with much are rich. Even as I know the truth of it, I’m afraid. That hungry beast may cast its evil eye this way, ravenous, unstoppable, and unforgiving. Leaving us only with what is truly ours.

The day comes when the big decision will wait no longer, now not so big after all, almost simple. So simple it decides itself. Move through life as if it were scripted to the last act, pretend you have no control, and the fault lies elsewhere, anywhere.

Yet…there is choice. There is always choice. One option often too terrible to consider and ruled out off hand. It simplifies and agonizes. Consider any direction as a path, even a circuitous one, and move. Action on one’s own behalf changes perspective, which could change your world.

Smile. That could change your world too.

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