A light in the dark

I've just been reading a new blog I'm considering following. It's not particularly happy: the mental wanderings of a woman with depression, dealing with work stress, dirty laundry, and finding the will to live through morning tea and oatmeal. It makes me, with my comparatively small parental issues, seem grounded and normal when I've known for years that I'm not. We all do what we must, and since I've conquered a small part of my many issues, I thought maybe I couldn help...rather ironic. My support group mantra was "get over it". It was harsh and insensitive and brutal to hear and I hated it...and exactly what I needed, repeated for 5 years before I had the courage to dig inside myself and let it go. I don't claim to be "cured", if there is such a thing, but I can talk about my folks now without bitterness. It is what it is; the only difference is I can accept it now and move forward. I hope everyone can find their way out their own darkness.

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