Your Attention Please!

Two things need your attention.

First: 2010 5th Edition of Canon Editor's Choice.
This is an excerpt that briefly explains what Editor's Choice is all about. Read the full article here.

"The idea behind Editor’s Choice is a simple one: a few times a year Canon photographers can submit their images for review by a leading photo editor. The guest editor then makes a selection of the best images, which are showcased on CPN with the reasons behind the choices explained. Sure, there has been the odd holiday snap or picture of a pet, but there have also been some outstanding work generating a huge amount of interest in the worldwide ‘Canon-using community’.

One of the 13 photos selected by this editions' editor belongs to my husband. See her presentation and explanation here. (You have to scroll down a bit and click the red "presentation" link; I can't link it directly, tried). There's a lot of content; be patient.

Second: Don't Tell Mama's
There is a piano bar in the East Fremont district of downtown Las Vegas and it's bursting with talent. All the employees of this hole-in-the-wall heaven can sing and/or play the grand piano. And I mean sang. It's also open mike, so if you can sing, you're welcome to and they'll play background for you. It's horribly under-promoted, but now that I've found it, I want everyone to know what a gem it is. If you're local, please stop by any day after 8pm and enjoy some local flavor.

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