No Big Picture

I’m stashed next to one of the cages, as far from the MGM Grand as you can get and still be in their parking lot. It’s mayhem. Fight night is the worst time to come down here, ever, but with two carpets to work tonight, here we are. I’ve seen the same security guard twice; he hasn’t seen me. And I’m about spitting distance from the exit, so around 2am when we leave, it should be a breeze.

Honey saved me one of those Dove wrappers with a cute saying on it that pretty much sums up my life. It says “it’s okay to live without a ‘big picture’ in mind”. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the simplest explanation for my crazy life. I haven’t really got an over all plan. I’ve mentioned before how well planning works for me. Planning might be considered overrated if it weren’t so wrapped up with dreaming. I want many things while I’m here, but I wouldn’t consider any of it part of a cohesive plan – my stuff is all too random and contradictory.

***Minion in fluorescent just rode by on a bike two cars over from me. Holding breath and cursing softly…so far so good. With this many people, this place is crawling.

I wish I could sleep, but these seats don’t recline far enough. I tried the backseat one time, since the tint is darker back there, but it was awful. Nothing worse than waking up sore and cranky, more tired than when you started. With two carpets in a row and these diva UFC fighters taking an hour stroll through, I could easily be here until 2am. It’s gonna be a long night. This would go so much faster if I could surf the web…

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