Recovery is Slow

It’s been a rough couple of weeks… Honey threw his back out pretty bad – he called me from the patio floor, half laughing half crying, saying he couldn’t get up. He lived on the living room floor for nearly a week and has been slowing progressing back to health via crutches, his dad’s old cane, lots of pain meds, stretching, and liberal sessions with my chiropractor’s tens unit. Needless to say, that whole ordeal was pretty stressful for me. And of course, with all the wind we’ve been having my allergies got outta hand and became a head cold that I’ve been fighting for the last two weeks. Note: no days off and basically no rest, especially while my hubby couldn’t move. I think my nose has scabs in it. So this is the first sign of energy and opportunity I’ve had to blog. And once again, I’m stealth parking in a hotel garage.

Earlier today was a trial of my good manners and patience because it took 5 hours to purchase my new laptop, which I am not currently typing on because it doesn’t have a word processor yet. Mom bought my old desktop so the new one, which is exactly the same as this one, only cost me $150. Can you see me smiling? Nothing better than getting a steal of a deal and streamlining efficiency – for those that don’t know, my old desktop has been having some issues: there’s speculation that it was inherently male when I bought it and inadvertently got a female replacement hard drive, which I’m sure everyone can understand, must be very confusing. My new one, named Monkey, is fast as lighting and sporting Windows 7, which thankfully isn’t quite as annoying as Windows Vista (don’t even get me started!).

That’s really the only big news. I’ve realized that my life isn’t that exciting, on the outside anyway; inside my head is a circus/nightmare/fairy tale/laboratory of sorts. Come to think of it, I should blog about some of the crazy dreams I have….this girl does not need acid, that’s for sure.

Just as a side note, I love to watch people wandering about looking for their cars. Two older ladies in ridiculously tight clothing were over by me and found their car two rows over in a corner. And just now this European guy was looking in the window of the Jeep in front of me and checking the license plate – I say European because no one else wears plaid shorts, the shirt collars turned up like Elvis, and sports bleached spiky hair all at once, or it’s more likely I know jack squat about fashion, he’s fabulous and I look like a bum. As you like it. I just try to not make any sudden movements – the last thing I need is someone getting startled and screaming bloody murder for security.

OH! Life isn’t quite as boring, and how could I forget already? I went to the Hospitality Design Expo yesterday with my crazy Canadian friend. LOVED IT! I now remember why I owe the government so much money, everything I love about design, and my plans to take over the world one décor at a time. Honey said my text messages had fire in them. Needless to say, my brain is now swirling with all sorts of plans on establishing my brand, settling on a name, marketing…and to be honest, I’m really hoping God is listening when I beg for certain ventures to pan out and launch me, catapult style, into the design world on my terms. And as corny as it may sound to anyone who’s not superstitious or what have you, I’m going to use the possibility of the world ending in 2012 as an excuse to do some very crazy, risky, and otherwise nonsensical things. If it goes right, Ill be basking in the success and my own prowess as a designer; if it does wrong, I’ll probably be picking up the pieces and have to settle, at least temporarily, with the comfort that I gave it everything I had. Really the only thing more tragic than failure is never trying at all….which is where I’m currently sitting. Reality check and ouch, already did it.

Hopefully I can get back to my ass-kicking yoga and other P20x adventures in the following days. I’m starting to feel human again, at least as human as I get. We watched Avatar again and it still makes my chest ache. I want to be 10ft tall and blue so bad it hurts!

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