Possum Living

When I left for this gig I had keys in one hand and a bra in the other. I only put on pants cuz this is the only garage I’ve ever been kicked out of, and I was lucky enough that time to be wearing clothes – I’d hate to have a repeat in my pajamas.

Right before we left I was reading a book excerpt – I wish I had it for reference cuz I’m not sure I’ve got the title right – it was called Possum Living, How to Live Well Without a Job and (Almost) No Money. Honey was not surprised when I exclaimed “I want this book!” Anyone who knows me wouldn’t be surprised either: I’m part hippie, part hillbilly. And ironically, it ties right into the discussion we were having earlier about how some people need stuff and some people don’t. Mom needs stuff. She has almost an OCD need for stuff, even if she already has one (or two) of whatever it is and it will live in the darkness of some closet or cupboard. I don’t need stuff. I so don’t need stuff that I’m working on having even less of it. Possibly because I was raised poor, though I didn’t know it, and the only sets in our house were Mom’s china and their bedroom set, which I think they bought when they got married. Everything we had was mismatched and a yard sale find or hand-me-down. Not to mention I lost a storage unit once with everything I loved (I still cry about my blender), and now it’s all seen as material luggage. Can you imagine my delight in an instructional manual for living without a job and hardly any cash? It also might have something to do with the mention of skinning rabbits and homemade moonshine. Don’t make that face! Rabbits is good eating.

Uh oh. I see a flashing yellow light. The minions are close. I wish the backseats would recline so I could hide where the tint is darker. Even though I found a space on the main floor (never happened before) it’s busy in here tonight. The sign said levels 2 and 4 were full. Fingers crossed everybody.

Among my obsession with Avatar, my fascination with Farm Girl, my enthusiasm for A Year in a Car, and now possum living…there may be home grown potatoes and overalls in my future. Nothing appeals to me more than simplifying my life down to the bare essentials. I want to live well – and I realize for many that statement and the one before are mutually exclusive. Maybe I should say I want to live cheap and therefore well. I want a home of my own, but not a big expensive sinkhole of a house. I want to travel, but not first class, not even economy class. I want my ideals in life, not necessarily all the luxuries in between. Possum Living made reference to Diogenes, who famously gave away all his possessions, lived in a wine barrel, and ran in the same circles as the highest of society. The paradox is fascinating, don’t you think? Have nothing and have the rich and worldly jockeying for position next to you. I would like to be the champion not only of “have not” but also “want not”. Don’t get me wrong – yesterday’s post with all the fire of wanting my own business and taking over the world didn’t suddenly vanish. I like the choice of working for myself or not at all; it appeals to my teenage inner-rebel screaming “fuck the system!” Not only that, but a certain part of me hopes we screw ourselves back to the Stone Age. Ok, maybe not that far. I don’t wanna say “oog” and be dragged around by my hair. I’m not sure how to express what would be a happy balance –

…About here is when Honey got done, I got distracted, and we went to the bar to see some friends before they spend 3 weeks in Hawaii. Very glad I brought the bra…

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