Pre-Fight Night

I just walked thru the MGM Grand, amongst all the plastic, mini dresses, and stiletto heels, to deliver Honey’s forgotten phone wearing no bra, pajamas, and Honey’s spare tennis shoes. Am I a rock star or what? I have got to start wearing clothes to these things! Random inconvenient shit keeps happening.

My mind has been on a rollercoaster the last few days. I’ve decided I want a camel; you know, to ride around the neighborhood the way most people do horses. Her name will be Jezebel. I read an article on building a self-sufficient homestead; the house had walls 12” thick made from clay and straw, was in the middle of Amish country, and had no electricity (well, solar panels - and I'm not the Summer referenced). It all sounds awesome and a bit hokey/extreme…unless you watched the movie The Road recently and can definitely see the bennies of being in the middle of nowhere and not needing anyone (think cannibalism). People can be freaking scary.

I met a guy who used HCG for weight loss – like 40 lbs in a month weight loss – and as awesome as that sounds (you know me, the one who wants everything right now), I more than likely can’t afford it. If you get the doctor’s personal cell phone number to call anytime, assume you’ll be paying thru the nose for it. I’ll just have to settle for my P90x and getting my eating habits together.

Oh, and I knocked a giant bottle of Red Hot out of the pantry today, nearly on my foot, and though I’ve cleaned up, vacuumed, and mopped the entire downstairs, there are still glass fragments as far away as the backdoor. If you see glittery little diamonds anywhere, don’t step on them.

And we shot a custom Merc today for the next cover of Sunday Slacker. Since I can’t show the pictures as of yet, just trust me that it is an over the top work of art and very beautiful.

*sigh* I’m tired. It’s hot. I have to work tomorrow and straight thru the Memorial weekend. Penalties of retail I guess – we get to be closed 3 days out of the whole year – because I am absolutely sure that instead of barbequing and having fun with your friends, who are all off on Monday, you’d rather dash out and buy a lamp from me. I predict crickets singing the whole day. Or, they may in fact be barbequing with their friends too…I may bring my book of DVD’s to the shop that day.

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