Why not?

Let’s get right back to why my husband is so happy now that I’m unemployed again. I know it sounds crazy - no one is happy about that kind of thing…except someone who has a grand plan that doesn’t involve working at all and is just waiting for his partner in crime to get with the program.

We’ve had this idea for a road trip across the US for some time now. Work had always gotten in the way, as have the obstacles of how to pay for it. But now, stars seem to have aligned. Or we just don’t see the obstacles the same. Whatever it is that’s possessed us: mad desire, being slightly unhinged due to the recent string of events, or just adopting a “fuck it” type attitude that says if not now, when? We’re going.

First we’re going home. Then in about a month or two we’re driving out of Vegas to wherever our hearts desire, staying as long or as little as we wish, and then going to the next beautiful place. The original plan included an RV or truck with a true camper on the back, taking the boat (because if you’re going to be a professional bum, as far as we’re concerned, fishing is essential), and a puppy. The new plan involves using the Rover, (getting a roof-top tent, making modifications to accommodate jerry cans, a sun shower, and maximizing storage), taking the boat, and more than likely, getting a puppy. Why the puppy? Why not? I’ve never had a puppy smaller than 6 months old and that’s one of the things you need to experience once in life. More on that in a minute. Our plan is to make a circuit of the National Parks, for about 6 months or so until the weather starts to turn, (and the money starts to run out), then we head for home and see about getting a job - one that pays well enough for us to stockpile enough money to go do this again. I’ve decided (for the umpteenth time) that working for a living and not having any fun is highly overrated. Therefore, I am hereby refusing to be a responsible adult (of the standardized model) and making tracks towards fun, adventure, and a life of my own choosing. If I’d had any sense I would have joined the circus as a child.

So that’s why neither of us are still fuming mad at my ex-employer for canning me - they did us a favor. We spent too much money to get up here, money we didn’t think we had, and now that we’re here, we realize we weren’t looking at it right, weren’t as broke as we thought, and should be taking this trip now more than ever. There’s no work to be had, nothing to do but stress and wait, so why not? As a show of my complete defiance, we went out and bought the laptop I’m typing on right now. I’ll be blogging every day of the trip and sharing a computer with my husband and his photography is no longer practical/possible.

There you have it: crappy economy meets adventure of a lifetime. Why not? What could you be doing right now if you weren’t working?

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Deadly Knitshade said...

Your own computer AND a trip into the wilderness AND a puppy.

*dies of jealousy*

*un-dies to say*

Best of luck on your travels. :)