April Fools - no kidding

April Fool’s Day seems like an excellent day to realize I’ve been completely screwed. There will be no compensation for uprooting my life in the service of Alexander Services, LLC; being fired negated that and is why, I’m sure, they fired me. Politics - shady no matter where you go. They went about this all wrong, and I, having gone to several places without getting the job first, thought I was doing this all right. Neither of us knew what the hell we were doing. There had been the suggestion of a trial run, maybe for a week or two; I could have stayed with another employee and the company could have figured out long before I made the ultimate commitment that I wasn’t right for them. However, the guy who suggested that went on vacation for a couple days and while away I was hired out right and the snowball was released down the hill. We all know how that works.

So here we are: once again sitting in a patio chair, writing to you good people, watching it rain incessantly, and contemplating if its too early to have a cocktail. I haven’t even had breakfast yet. Don’t worry - I’m not depressed. I’ve just moved on into not giving a damn. It’s a happy place where the day-to-day stuff that drives us all insane doesn’t matter (because it really doesn’t) and I’m endeavoring to live there permanently. You kind of have to with the plans we have in mind.

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