The Speed of Things

Readers, be prepared: there will be no pictures with this post...assuming anyone cares.

I've just been reading old posts from the Queen of Cake blog (hyperlinked on the right side of your screen) and the term 'food porn' doesn't quite cover it. There are generally no pictures, but there are recipes...for monkey bread, things dipped in melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon, chocolate and bacon in a friendly combination - you get the idea. There's also a recipe for Derby Pie if anyone is interested here under the Sept 16th post. It's not the original (since you have to buy that) but the next best thing.

Since our return, the temperature in Las Vegas has continued to rise as the number of available jobs plunges. We're going fishing just to get away from the monotony of lounging in the yard watching the clouds pass. And since we have all this free time, we're going for about a week. We've moved plenty of boxes into storage - it's still a full house. We've done some side work installing tile (not one of our favorite things) and inadvertently made steps towards becoming a plumber. We stay up too late and sleep in too long to compensate; we watch entire TV mini series on DVD in one go (like 4 and a half hours worth). I highly recommend Tin Man if anyone is interested. It's all very lazy, but what can you do?

Wednesday is dart night for the boys and Girl's Night for the girls. We always welcome newcomers so long as the boys bring beer or alcohol and the girls bring so sort of sugary contraband. All parties start around 7pm. I should give fair warning though: the boys get very heavy into the gay jokes, and sometimes I'm not sure they're joking; and if you can't handle a noxious fart, you should probably skip it altogether.

Art in the Park is in Boulder City this weekend from 9am-5pm. There'll be classic cars, so sort of dog demonstration, and arts & crafts. While you're in the neighborhood, anything from the Coffee Cup Cafe with chili verde sauce on it is fabulous.

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