Meet Ivy Slime

It’s begun. The Felix Phenomenon will be sweeping Portland in the near future. This past weekend we met with a prospective model (at a strip joint called The Boom Boom Room) and needless to say, got a good look at what we’ll be working with. We also had his first shoot. It would have been two in one day except one of the models is having an unfortunate string of car problems. The one we did meet goes by the name Ivy Slime and is probably the best model we’ve worked with – on a similar level to Fairie from Terrell’s art nude workshop in terms of professionalism. She arrived dressed and ready to go, didn’t need any posing assistance, but was also open to instruction. We were done in an hour flat…5 minutes later it started snowing. Since there was no direct sun to reflect and she didn’t need my help, I got to wander about and collect rusted railroad parts for an all-weather wind chime. Expect more hippiness – it’s encouraged here.

The housing situation kind of imploded and then resurrected itself. We had a place all picked out, thinking it was on the top floor (the only one my darling husband will live on)…turns out it wasn’t and that’s when the brakes went on – while we were sitting in the agent’s office with money order filled out moments before. We were both in a crappy mood after that and went in search of food comfort, which was only sort of achieved at a Texas barbeque place. The bbq beans were so vile we couldn’t eat them and the sauce bit back. I’m thinking Louisiana style next time. While I was working Saturday Honey found another apartment with all the stuff we wanted (namely a reasonable price, acceptance of cats, and garages for rent). We went over at our appointed time, viewed the last place on the third floor, which will eventually become our place, and paid our money to apply. The agent’s Pembroke Corgi gave me a thorough background check by smelling everything below my knees for several minutes. I’m sure my shoes must still reek of cat, but he didn’t tell anyone. So we find out Tuesday or Wednesday after they’ve had a chance to check our references. It occurred to me sometime Sunday that we’ll be moving into a place with no furniture…because we don’t have any anymore. One bed, a cabinet thingy we call Bob, and a TV stand with no TV. That’s it. So, on a whim we stopped at this massive furniture warehouse place (the people with signs out front were advertising 70% off). Found a bunch of great stuff: our future couch (yummy), dining set, and a recliner we put 10% down on to hold the clearance price. We talked for quite awhile about building a desk that accommodates both of us and which pictures of Honey’s we should frame and hang. Waited for an hour for Pizza Hut lasagna while doing this – it wasn’t as fabulous as the commercials make out.

I wrote the earlier post at work on my break. It's much later now and the apartment complex called right after I set my purse down after work. We're in! Extended Stay can keep their expensive rent and temperamental washing machines and their bugs - I'm assuming on the last part - something bit me on the rump...twice. So Friday we transition into our apartment on the third floor and onto our air bed. College living at its best!

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