Blue Skies, Gray Paint

Well, someone must have heard me – they’ve been demo’ing, building walls, hanging drywall, ripping out carpet, and tiling for two weeks now. I guess someone mentioned it to the lady with the purse strings that it looks a little sad around here and that clients will judge by appearance. So three cubicles have given way to two walled offices, complete with windows. The carpet is being replaced everywhere in stages but hasn’t started yet. The front office has received new tile and the kitchen by me a linoleum that looks convincingly like tile. There’s lots of plastic hanging from the ceilings to shield existing stuff and even more drywall-mudded or painted shoe prints on the old carpet. Today they started painting color squares…[imagine me sighing here] the woman who’s chosen the colors, the same woman who’s releasing funds for this little exercise, the same woman who wouldn’t fly me out for an interview and will determine whether or not I get reimbursed for the cost of a moving truck, this woman – has no color sense. As an interior designer I’m not surprised but slightly offended that they didn’t ask someone who knew what they were doing (hello…designer over here) and that I’m going to have to live, work, and function with her poor choices. So far said choices are four shades of blue, covering the undertones of grey, green, true blue, and purple, and a mauve that makes ill. Everyone is giving their unfavorable opinions to the poor guy doing the painting (I think he was volunteered) and no one likes any of the choices. I think the consensus is, well if we must then go with the gray because it’s the least offensive. It’s all a bit depressing in the midst of the positive progress being made.

As a sort of rebellion to this blatant assault on my senses, I’m already plotting to have the two walls above my cube painted a sunny yellow (or equally ‘me’ color), and my safety glass window with a view of the neighboring fluorescents tinted with stained glass treatment. Hey, they said we were welcome to personalize…that just means a whole other thing to us designers.

Speaking of designing…I mentioned yesterday that we were approved for our apartment. We’re really excited – haven’t had our own place in over a year and we’re starting with a clean slate. Honey wants to paint before he leaves for Vegas, which he keeps telling everyone is around the 21st. Considering we move in the night of the 14th, he’ll be doing little else besides painting for the next 5 days or so. I guess we’ve all got the decorating bug. Think it’s an impending sprint thing?

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