That was Quick

Ironically, things have taken a massive slipping sidestep recently. Friday I asked my boss about our upcoming workflow - they took three of us off overtime last Wednesday and we've been scrounging for work for about a week - and if I should "plan for the future". The short answer was yes. I called Honey and woke him up. He's soon very awake and mad as a wet hen (or any other euphamism you can think of to describe someone who was previously peacefully sleeping and is now wide awake, mad as hell, and cussing up a storm). He called them liars. I agreed - 5 weeks isn't 8 months. We decide we'll hash it out over the weekend and come up with a contingency plan, should all this go South. I spend the rest of the day looking at the bleak employment market in Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Applied for a grand total of 6 jobs. It doesn't look promising, I have to say.

Friday night we go over our options. This took awhile since we were both so incensed over the whole mess. We'd signed a 1-year lease on this apartment the Friday before, put money down on a killer recliner, and made plans to fly Honey home to collect the rest of our stuff. I was quite looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and we'd just selected all the paint colors for the house. Saturday morning I slept in, and when I did finally get up, was only dressed long enough to go rent movies. I need those absolute bum days every now and then. Sunday we went downtown in search of the world's largest bookstore (that I know of anyway). It's a 5-story behemoth that covers an entire city block. I found the Neil Gaiman isle and picked up Stardust and Neverwhere. Honey stayed in the photography section long enough for me to read the first third of Coraline and decided I could buy it later, despite loving the movie. Across the street is Rocco's Pizza; we each had a slice the size of my head for $4 bucks. I had a "swine and pine", aka Hawaiian, Honey had a meat lovers type with the word "massacre" in the name. We wandered around downtown for awhile. Stopped in an espresso and chocolate bar, had creme brulee and dark chocolate ganache cake - very decadent and nothing my hips needed, but delicious and indulgent in all the right ways.
Jump to Monday. I wrote a very eloquent post in the morning, detailing where things stood with work, everything that transpired over the weekend, and so on. Got distracted and forgot to email it to myself. That poor post is lost forever. Monday end of day I got released. Technically and according to them, I was fired due to lack of work but mostly because I'm "not a good fit and my skills aren't where they thought I'd be". That's complete bunk and I haven't believed it for a second since it was said to me. My skills are killer, that's why they came looking for me and paid me $1.50 an hour above the baseline. Also, it doesn't take 5 weeks to figure out if someone fits or not, and since nothing was ever said to me about areas for improvement...anyway, I should know by Monday or Tuesday next if I'm getting any compensation for uprooting my life and moving 1000 miles. The boss lady is on a cruise or something. So I am once again in the ranks of the unemployed. Honey welcomed me back.
So, we're going home. I desperately need my chiropractor - a local one made my ribs worse and I've been medicating and drinking ever since. Gave notice on the apartment today - we've been here 11 days. Canceled the cable TV - didn't have a television anyway and won't be buying one. We've decided to see as many sites as we can, as money allows, and take off for home in about 2 weeks or so. It is what it is. And I've never seen Honey happier. That sounds crazy, but I'll explain that in the next post.

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