Quickie Update

Ok, here’s a quickie update, cuz the madness has reached a new level of fever pitch and the next post may be a while…

We went to an MMA event at the Orleans Hotel; all amateur bouts. Honey got to be ring side; I sat in the back row – it would have been nose bleed seats if there was any elevation. There was a lot of blood – see below – and during the one heavyweight bout, the guy who'd been easily winning for the first two rounds got his arm broken in the third. Good times.

We attended the St Baldrick’s charity event hosted by Circus Couture at the Palms Hotel. There was a bidding war over a carved block of Monterey jack cheese and a Beatles painting. The majority of the donated art was purchased. There were fashion shows and circus acts. A girl shaved her head on stage (St Baldricks has shaving events where they donate money for every person who shaves their head) and there was a dwarf: a very small he-man in a speedo and a shoulder harness/feather collar thing. Awesome.

The after party at Ghostbar was…intresting. The dj was awesome and then the music would die for the live band – it wasn’t a good transition. I found a place to sit on one of the speakers closest to the wall. Lemme just say…anyone who’s seen the movie Private Parts…the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia…yeah. I didn’t get all spread and leaned forward or anything, but I couldn’t stop giggling. Enough said.

The next ten days are going to be a free for all. Wish me luck.

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