Life Change - Right Now

Ok, so we’re moving to Portland. On Saturday. Yeah, this Saturday. Need a little back-story?

I’m working on my “long story short” rendition of things, cuz a lot has happened in the span of nearly a week. Thursday a job came and found me. A good job considering the economy, one in my field, utilizing my killer skills, working with people in person that I’ve worked with long distance for over a year. For more money than I was originally offered (that’s those killer skills I mentioned). So Friday we drove to Portland for my interview. I rocked it. The brownies I took probably didn’t hurt either. Got to frog about Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Got temporarily displaced – that’s not lost. Lost is when you’re displaced and out of gas. Found some very cool old buildings, bridges, waterfronts, historic highways, and waterfalls. By Monday at 10am I was golden and we were officially moving. Work starts the following Monday (feb 16). We drive for home Tuesday morning. What’s normally a 10-hr drive became a 13-hr drive, 9 hrs of it in snow and occasional white out conditions. The Land Rover rocks ass in snow; it’s also now being affectionately called the Rover Motel. We had a great time, saw some beautiful places, ate some decadent food – Honey got hit with an exploding can of tomato paste – drank a raspberry beer called Ruby, shared a queen bed, and showered with the head at about throat level. It was a very long drive, done entirely by me, one which I will be repeating around 9am this coming Saturday. I will be taking my cube guardian, Gretch with us to keep away bad juju (he’s a gargoyle), eating a lot of fruit and salad, and working approximately 15 hours of overtime per week. It’s gonna be great!

My hubby saws that spontaneity is a necessity in life, because if you wait and analyze you’ll find a reason not to…whatever it is. So in a single week we’ve uprooted our lives, leapt with incredible faith, and are moving to Portland. On Saturday.
Wish us luck.


Deadly Knitshade said...

Blimey. Best of luck to you. Leaping off the edge is always the best way to do things, I find. :)

MonkeyOne said...

If I've learned anything in life, which is questionable, it's that being fearless is a seldom sought-after and often misunderstood virtue. Call it recklessness if you like, but it's been working for me so far! Good to hear from you - thought one of the snow people got you.