First Week

It’s Saturday. I can’t remember the last time I worked a Saturday, but lemme tell you, it took all I had to get out of bed this morning. It’s a short shift when you compare eight to ten, but my brain and I have a sort of long standing deal that neither of us works on weekends. Hopefully I can get through today without embarrassing myself.

We moved into ESA on Wednesday. I’d have to say it’s the nicest little shoebox I’ve ever lived in. The kitchen area has Pergo floors; the shower has a higher head than at my house (and that’s saying something) plus lots of hot water. The king bed only squeaks on my side. There are windows that open and a closet, not to mention we’re on the top floor. It may be overpriced but it’s worth it. We’ve been roomies for over a year now – I think we needed a little space. We smile at each other a giggle when calling it ‘home’.

Honey has complained everyday that he misses his office chair and I should have brought all the pillows. He’s rearranged the furniture twice now – the two tables and three chairs, trying to find a reasonable comfort level so he can vanish into the vortex (as Sazzy called it) of his website. He’s already sent out a casting call for models in Portland – you’d be surprised how many of them will do nudes here.

We’re broke to the point of it being funny after paying for our room and groceries, but we went to see Coraline in 3D last night, the last night you could I think. It was AWESOME!! I’m going shopping on DealOz for all books by Neil Gaiman as soon as I get paid, which unfortunately isn’t for another week. But for the first three months I get paid every week, so that works out. The company has this policy that all new employees be temps for the first 3 months, has something to do with the quick turn-around of a lot of shop guys. Anyway, I don’t get direct deposit, but I do get a check handed to me every Friday afternoon. And since my bank isn’t up here and Wal-Mart (of all places) has started cashing payroll checks for $3 a piece, it all works out. Happy Friday! (Yeah, I know it’s Saturday).

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