Last Post in Las Vegas

Hey gang,
This will be my first off the cuff post. Straight from brain to paper with little/no editing or re-thinking. My brain is too tired for that. I’ve spent all day dashing about trying to get everything done for the big move tomorrow. I made a lengthy list during our last photo meeting last night and have gotten through most of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to load all the stuff today as planned. Everyone either wants to talk to us or feed us. Mom took us to lunch today, the neighbors thru us a bbq, and two different folks want to take us to breakfast before we hit the road tomorrow (you know who you are – much love!). I’ve finally advanced from chicken-with-head-cut-off panic to easy breathing and we’ll-get-everything-done-and-get-there-when-we-get-there. I just hope everything fits. There are boxes in the hall and middle of the kitchen, obviously the computer is still alive, and some of this I just can’t do until the last minute. It’s exhausting. I’m currently do laundry – that’s how behind I am.

So I created a new email account today on gmail. I’ll axe the cable tomorrow and then my trusty summerv addy will be no more. Unfortunately this blog doesn’t respect gmail and won’t accept it as a login address. So now I have a matching one at yahoo. I’m sure it would be simpler just to maintain one of them…but I like gmail’s better email (not to mention have several addy’s added to contacts already) and yahoo is what I need to keep talking to you good people. More work for me, as usual.

We have two possibles for transitional housing in Portland. We thru up an ad on craigslist real quick to see if we could room with someone for two months until we get our own place. Extended Stay America is $1400/mo – ouch! So it’ll either be the married couple in their 30’s or the house full of 4-5 20-somethings who asked over the phone how we felt about smoking pot. I’ll keep you posted.

Going to attempt to comb this rat’s nest I call hair – will never color again, ever, ever, ever, ever. And going to bed. My brain won’t allow anymore coherent thoughts – keep that in mind whilst reading this – and I must therefore surrender to my last night (for two months or so) in my fabulous bed.

I had one really good thought…earlier of course – now I haven’t got any, but I think we (being Honey and I) did well here, in the sense that we’ll be missed and have made impacts on several people’s lives. Some unexpected. We will miss everyone; will send many emails, photos, Christmas cards, and text messages to all. Good night.

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