Lazy Sunday

Originally I was going to go with an anti-American rant because I watched Michael Moore’s Sicko documentary and want to move expeditiously to any continent besides this one, but figured a happy post about our lovely but short weekend would be better.

I got to sleep in today until 9:30am. Honey made me breakfast – scrambled eggs with biscuits and gravy (substitute English muffins for biscuits) – and I lounged in my pajamas until noon before suiting up to get some stuff out of our boat, still stored with our gracious hosts, the Wellmans. It was supposed to rain today and it did, but not until I had arrived and taken the tarp off the boat. Needless to say I didn’t get what I had planned. A couple of guys were fishing in Scott’s pond and dragged a monster rainbow trout out just in time for us to see. Honey dashed back to the boat and pulled out the tackle box, strategically located at the back, and proceeded to fish in the pouring rain for nearly four hours. He caught and released 11, 6 of which were beasts of unnatural proportions – we’re talking 25” long, 9” around.

I, however, am not that hardcore. I stayed inside with Scott, watching the Nascar race, and unintentionally tracking mud on their carpet. I checked on Honey every now and then, you know to make sure he hadn’t fallen in the lake and drowned, and as usual within 5-10 seconds of every cast he had another one. I got two words for you anglers: Little Jake. Check them out. Take a look at what some locals caught in the Williamette River on Father's Day last year. That's an 8 foot long stergeon fish.

Tomorrow I have to pull it together and go back to work, probably wearing a shirt out of the dirty clothes. Laundry got done once and one load – which was all I could afford – wasn’t enough. So we fake it till Tuesday. I wear a hoodie so often I don’t think anyone will notice. We’ll see; I still have to dig to the bottom of the suitcase. I didn’t get my other boxes of clothes because of the rain and we’d have to untie the entire boat in said rain. You get the idea.

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Deadly Knitshade said...

That is possibly too big for a fish. It fills me with slight fear (and hunger).

Thanks for your comment on my blog. And your questions.

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