Home Dilemmas

So we’re here and we have our shoebox (aka Home), now the question is how long do we keep it? Unfortunately it’s more complicated than it sounds. Suddenly having income means scrambling to juggle and keep the things you want (the same things you were sure you’d lose to repossession), and still get the things you need right now…you know, food’s pretty important. We need to get a place, the right place in a decent neighborhood so we don’t get killed since we don’t know how the ghettos work around here, something big enough for us and possibly big enough for Terrell assuming he gets his head right and moves up here (hint hint), within our budget, and with all the required amenities, which really boils down to hot water and a washer and dryer (I currently have quarters on my shopping list). Aside from finding that dream bungalow, we have to consider when. This shoebox we have isn’t a great deal but becomes a better deal if you can pay for an entire month up front, which we’re considering doing with my first check, assuming it arrives when scheduled and is enough for the job. We’ll see come Friday. So then we’re committed to a full month in our shoebox, but we'll save nearly $400 for the month, not to mention get money back. For some crazy reason they want to give me back the taxes I paid at the end – they say in the vicinity of $280. Why they do this I’m not sure, but I’m not arguing. (Could I just keep it in the beginning?). In theory then we’ll only be spending for gas and food and saving every other penny in preparation for that dream bungalow I mentioned and flying Honey home, which may or may not coincide. Because…once I send Honey home I need to make enough money for him to rent a U-haul and pay for gas coming back. It cost $200 in gas one way for the Rover, so I’ll need more than that for a gas-guzzling U-haul truck that probably last saw maintenance in a former life. Also, if Terrell doesn’t move then Darryl will be driving and at some point I’ll have to fly him home. Terrell, this is where you realize it’ll cost me more money if you don’t move, so you should start packing. There is some good news…Honey will probably be in Vegas for at least a week. He’s doing a tile job for one of my oldest friends – he agreed to it before we dashed off to be hippies – and needs to pack up our room, his garage (dear Lord), and our storage unit located all the way across town. If we don’t have enough money for an apartment and the flight, then we camp in our new place on our trusty airbed and live out of boxes – I packed all the clothes and not a single hanger – until we do have the money. Which brings me back to the return trip. (Terrell)

In better news (a step up from good news), I’m working 17 hours of overtime per week. Ok, from a money perspective it’s better news. I don’t know what they take for taxes here since I’ve never contended with state tax, but the numbers I’ve been calculating are making me drool. The hope is that all this will fall together as easily as the interview-you’re hired-we’re moving scenario. I’m guessing it’ll be a month in extended stay, rent the apartment, live in it with the bare essentials for a week, fly Honey home, work another week, and he’ll begin the drive back, hopefully with the appropriate co-pilot. (Terrell) I just hope the boys don’t take too long on the return trip: A) Hotel costs; B) my poor cats will be in carriers the whole time, and if you’ve ever seen Bubba …think sardines in a can.

So we wait till Friday and see where we end up. No matter where we are - that's Home.

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TLNeasley said...

Wait, I gotta travel with CATS??

Aw, that might be a deal breaker right there...