I've joined the masses

I've finally taken the plunge people - I've joined Facebook.

Up to this point (and even now) I've been more in line with the view taken by Stan from South Park: FB is the monster that consumes your life. And no, I won't tend your virtual farm. But as a free marketing tool, even I have to admit it's pretty good stuff. Everyone I know, for example, who thinks Honey's photography is cool, knows people who know people who know people, and all those people are potential business. I'm basically doing this under duress, but even my cheap ass has to admit nothing trumps 'free'. So....

If you're in Las Vegas this weekend, the Fetish & Fantasy Ball is on Saturday at the Joint inside the Hard Rock. We are working the photo booth, so if you'd like to be photographed whilst strapped to a whipping rack, come see us. Costumes are required! Most of my life will be consumed by that for the next 3 days - I will post costume photos of us afterwards.

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