Cinnabon Drag

Cinnabon. Is there anything better really? I don’t think so. Unfortunately Cinnabon has basically disappeared from the Las Vegas valley – if it’s out there, I haven’t found it. What I found instead was a recipe claiming to be ‘the clone’ of Cinnabon. I’ve made it three times so far with varied success. The first batch was the best though we cooked them a bit too long (Honey’s fault) cuz they didn’t look done. I have a photo somewhere showing how beautiful they can be. Second batch was a disaster and got trashed. Last one still isn’t quite right but definitely edible. It’s a very sensitive recipe. Try it yourself here.

In other news, I got to rub down a hot guy with coconut oil for a photo shoot. Yeah, just let your mind go with that.

Ran into someone I used to work with when I was a proper interior designer. She gave me the “Ahhhhh” full of pity when she found out where I work. I wanted to slap the makeup off her face. She’s doing finger painting to deal with her stress. I guess it evens out.

Speaking of make up…if you’re interested, I found an excellent demonstration of drag make up on youtube. This woman has skillz.

I can only breathe through one nostril at the moment. Whatever is blooming is kicking my butt. Allergy meds not helping. Stuffy head going to bed.

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