Thought Found!

I remembered that thought I was that I should introduce the three people who read this to Mother Earth News (see hyperlink to your right). I menitoned once that I was part hillbilly, part hippie - this is definitely my kind of site! Check it out if you have a few minutes. There's a couple recipes for DIY laundry soap (I will be experimenting soon), tales of homesteading do's and don't's, and an excerpt from a book that I'm still trying to find in person that has a recipe for moonshine (yes I'm aware it's illegal - do you see the devilish glint in my eye coupled with the mischievious grin?).

I'll also mention the new TV show called Dual Survival. Cody Lundin (pronounced "lun - dean") is the hippie, no-shoe-wearing, naturalist with hair longer than mine. I like him. :) You can check him out here.

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