Good Thoughts Gone Missing

I’ve had several good thoughts since my last post, but finding the time and energy to articulate them…hasn’t worked out so well. Frankly, I could use a nap right now.

One of them involved a statistic quoted on the radio about how different men and women respond if their spouse works more than 60 hrs a week. Men won’t change a thing; women will quit their jobs to help pick up the slack of keeping kids and home. I explained to Honey that I wasn’t surprised and that we [women] went about it all wrong back in the day when we said we wanted to go to work. Our jobs at the time were to keep the house and have dinner on the table by 6pm. The guys took it as we wanted another job, so now we’re expected to do both. The men who’ll trade for housework when their wife is a power woman are few and far between.

There was another one but it escapes me just now. I feel slightly retarded. More when my head is hopefully more together.

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