F$#@ing Gnomes!

It's the continuous bane of my life...my stuff keeps going missing. I swear we have gnomes. I also swear that when we moved to this house nearly 3 months ago, the gnomes had a family reunion and most of them stayed. More stuff is going missing than ususal. It's not just the occassional stray sock or traveling hair brush, now it's important paperwork, all my measing cups and spoons, a fairly large bag of flour, and now my exercise band. I'm not just saying that to get out of exercising either. I'm just bloody frustrated that I'm limited on changing up my workouts due to still weak joints and a less-than-fully stocked 'gym', aka our office. Bad knees don't like an hour routine of jumping, if you follow me.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another week following a too-short weekend. Story of my life.

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