Frustrated...slowly approving insanity

I just want to throttle something.

My computer is revolting against me and trying to cook itself. We think the fan died; now there's a desk fan blowing on the harddrive to keep it cool. I had to have Honey get to Blogger and log me in because when I touch it, Nermal (my computer) just sits there. Nothing more fun than watching the spinning hourglass.

I hate the wind. I become irrationally irritable and twitchy when the wind kicks up. It's not helping that there's a pollen tornado out there and my allergies make me feel like there's a brick in my face. My head hurts, my nose is raw, and the next person who says anything close to "haha, I don't have allergies" is gonna get punched in the throat.

My friend from out of town is here for two weeks, half of which has already passed. She was all excited to see me for two months prior, but now that she's here she can't seem to be bothered. I've seen her twice, all the effort being on my end, and all the fun things we planned have been forgotten. She tells me she can't leave her sick child at home with her parents (he's 3); I go to visit and she's gone to see an old work friend, leaving her sick child at home with her parents, on the same day she said she'd have time to see me.

I'm trying very hard not to snap at anyone, bite anyone, or eat ice cream continuously like an emotional loser. I'll keep you posted on how all that works out.

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