Meet Steve

Hi everyone, this is Steve. Well, this was Steve. Steve has now been reduced to several Ziploc bags in my freezer and various other refrigerators around town. He will be fondly remembered when all leftovers are gone.

The bbq was a great success. People showed up, much eating and drinking ensued, and merriment was abounded. I got to put on gloves and do horrible things to Steve under the watchful eyes of my colleague and fellow, temporary forensics specialist, Beth. I managed to get to work the next morning, though in a somewhat altered state (see previous post).

(This is actually where I left off last time…)
Last Sunday we were invited to an exhibition of roller derby, as part of RollerCon 2009 by fellow photog and podcaster, Sazzy and The Vegas Tourist. I’m not sure what I expected – ok that’s not entirely true, I expected vicious bloody combat like you see in the movies – but it actually turned out to be rather tame. I don’t know the rules of course, so I cheered when my section cheered. The people-watching was worth the drive; we stayed for less than two hours and called it quits. Sazzy had attended the two previous days in full and was exhausted.

We went to see Julia & Julie today. It had a lot of great one-liner advice, things like “Don’t be afraid; never apologize or give explanations”, “Home is wherever we are”, and “You can never have too much butter”. Honey and I spent the entire ride home discussing our dreams for the future. Crazy stuff, all of it.

The night took an unfortunate turn, however, when I discovered the toilet wouldn’t fill, and in turn Honey discovered the water main to the house had burst…again. I just returned from taking a shower at the neighbors, whose bathroom I’ve never been in before. It was a bit like college, collecting all my stuff into a little basket and walking down the hall (or in this case, across the street) in my bathrobe. Their shower head is short and the spray hits me in the chin with needle-like force, but I’m clean and can go out in public tomorrow without people giving me dirty looks or change because they think I’m a filthy bum.

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