Another Re-Arrangement of your Typical Week

Today is actually my Thursday. We’re leaving Friday for four days of sunshine, cool temps, fishing, sight-seeing of the highest caliber, amazing food (a trip essential), and camaraderie. So tomorrow is my Friday before the actual Friday when we leave bright and early. The main reason I’m keeping this job, as opposed to applying for others offering twice the money in my original field (aside from the possibility of a complete fallout like Portland), is these guys don’t hassle me at all about wanting time off for trivial [to some] activities like fishing. For the record, fishing is not trivial.

And so today is the day Honey decided to clean out the garage, which actually has nothing to do with the fishing trip as far as I can tell. But he took 6 boxes to Good Will, and bunch of stuff to storage, pushed the camping gear into the living room…I’m truly excited about this since I’ve been trying to get him motivated for the task for the last two years. He’s doing it because he’s building a studio in there. Bought the insulation so nobody dies and everything. His timing is a bit…interesting, but he’s cleaning the garage so I gave him a margarita and let him be.

I got kicked off here for awhile.

But it’s back to business now. The bra has been ditched, there’s a pudding chocolate brownie in front of me, and the boys have run off to play darts and trade jokes of a homosexual nature with the neighbors – tonight is Dart Night. Also used to be Girls Night except no one’s interested but me. Ah well. Their lost – I’m fabulous.

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