First Solo Trip

Well, Honey got to go to Antelope Canyon in Arizona without me this past week. I keep telling him he shouldn’t miss out on opportunities to see amazing stuff just cuz I have to work, but…it sucked to be left home. Here are some of the shots from that trip.

I didn’t get a whole lot of details; the trip was basically eat, photo, sleep, repeat. As I understand it, Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope are across the highway from each other and belong to two different Indian tribes. The Lower ones are much friendlier than the Upper ones.
The next trip we’re hoping for is to San Diego Zoo. I said it had to be a weekend trip so I can go. I’m missing all the fun staying at home, regardless that I’m working towards our dreams.

Met up with a friend I worked with in Portland last night. She’s now home-basing in Minnesota in her home town, but came to Vegas for a concert and to see friends. We took her to the coveted local taco place and for frozen custard; both were a big hit. Took the ceremonial drive up the Strip back to her hotel; the smoke from California fires are killing our skyline right now, but the lights still look good. Hope to see her again soon.

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