Would you like some Devious? Why yes, thank you.

I’m alone and unsupervised. And I had an energy drink several hours ago that hasn’t worn off yet. It’s a great combination for deviousness.

I should be dead on my feet. We went bowling last night with the neighbors and stayed out until 2am…on my Monday mind you. The neighbor, Bugoy (it means bad child in Pilipino and he still is) took his son Wiggy (nickname) whose four years old. Wiggy beat Honey’s score in the last game (92 to 85). I’m sure he’ll never hear the end of it. There were also two 12-yr olds…I’m overwhelmed by their energy and immaturity. I hope I wasn’t that bad at that age (not much hope though).

Tonight is Dart Night. We took Mom shopping, got home and Honey stayed long enough to unload and collect sliced limes before dashing across the street. So I’m awake when I should be running on fumes. Zipfizz is freaking amazing stuff. If you’ve never tried it, you should. I found some at CVS today (thankfully). Its a little tube of vitamin powder you put in water, it fizzes, and without any sugar keeps you focused and running for several hours, thanks in part to over 41,000x the amount of daily recommended vitamin B-12. Works best if you sip instead of chug – makes the effects gentle (instead of launching to Mach 2) and lasts longer. My fav flavor is citrus. It’s also easy on the stomach since coffee and I aren’t friendly.

So what should I do with myself? I tried to hook up with my oldest friend, who of course is out with her boy toy. I called his phone (remember he called me Saturday from the bowling alley when bowling never happened) and asked for her. There was a pause long enough to where I almost asked if he was still there and then he said ‘yeah’ with negative enthusiasm (that’s worse than no enthusiasm for folks who don’t know the scale). I got a chuckle out of it. Annoying him is pretty high on my priority list since his mere presence requires me to strongly suppress the urge to throttle and/or otherwise beat him senseless. He’s 24 going on probably 12 but thinks he’s Einstein and will try to educate you at every turn. Doesn’t strangling sound reasonable now?

A little photo flash back to Portland with Jen and Ivy Slime. :)

I've also noticed that my feed tracker now says I'm in Henderson, which I'm not. Clarification for anyone who cares, I'm in Las Vegas. Hendo is for richer folks than I.

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