Food, Boobs, Bowling, and Snow Cones

Busy weekend.
Friday night we had a little get together, mostly to see our friend Terrell who’s basically dropped off the face of the planet between his new job and new girlfriend. Darryl was there too – the man appreciates food on a level close to my own so any time there’s good food involved, he’s there. We grilled some corn and carne asada, Mom made charro beans and rice; I bought tiramisu dream cake from the local market that we didn’t even get to. Beer was plentiful as was inappropriate necking, groping, and dry humping (you know who you are and I would appreciate it if you didn’t do that at my house anymore :) ). I stayed up until midnight and then hit the wall and went to bed.

Saturday I’d set up a bowling date with my friend Beth, who’s also dropped off the face of the planet due to her new boy toy. While I was working, Honey called to tell me we’d been gifted with tickets to see Peep Show at Planet Hollywood that night, so I pushed back bowling till after that (Beth doesn’t sleep).

The show was…I’m not sure how to describe it. There were parts that were amazing: all the singers could actually sing and belted it the whole night, the live band was right on key, there were a few performers who shined above the rest (especially the hard body doing the rope work while dripping wet – yummy!). Then there were parts I thought could have been done better, and I thought Holly Madison had a flabby ass and looked awkward most of the performance. Granted, you get to see her boobs at the end, but in three words she strikes me as top heavy, cute, and stupid.

Hugh Hefner was in the house that night. Apparently they were filming that episode of the Girls Next Door in the theater. He got roaring applause every time he stood up, including once when I’m sure he was just going to the men’s room.

In a nutshell, I’m glad I didn’t pay $100 per ticket, but the wet guy doing rope acrobatics made it worthwhile for me. The peanut butter gelato after the show was really good too.

Unfortunately, the evening fell apart after that. We stopped to eat and then headed for the bowling alley. The league tournament hadn’t ended on time. I took a number and stood around for an hour; my girlfriend never showed up. As I was driving home on the freeway she calls me to say she’s at the alley – over two hours after I got out of the show. It’s only a 20 minute drive people. Haven’t found out what happened, not sure I will.

This morning we woke up surprisingly early and decided to visit the outdoor flea market before it got really hot. For those not in the Vegas area, it’s been hovering around 112°F all this week. We got snow cones and wandered around for about an hour and a half. Nothing jumped out and begged me to buy it, so we came home.

I’ve still got the rest of today and tomorrow to get in trouble. J

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