Real Quick while Half Naked

Alright, real quick before I dash to work. You know, this whole gainfully employed thing kinda sucks - I have more stress now then when I could simply say "I'm unemployed. Do what you gotta do". I can still say the second part, but it seems less care free.

We had a photo shoot last Saturday with Sazzy. A shoot for a friends' motorcycle turned into 5 bikes, 3 models, 2 guys in full leathers, and a crowd of other biker guys (though not the traditional sort that you'd think of) who seemed to drool and oggle a lot. It was insanely hot - surpirsed the make-up didn't run right off, but we all managed. There was a generator, 3 assistants including myself, one groupie who changed clothes more than the models, and a random crowd of bicyclists that rode by twice. It also happened to be free slurpie day at 7-11 because of the date, so there was sugar too. Pictures will be up sortly (meaning this afternoon hopefully) because nothing is resized and I have to leave for work in 4 minutes and am not fully dressed yet.

Unfortunately, the UFC 100 fight was that same night and we missed it. We shot until midnight; I think Sazzy was done at 10pm. It was a lot longer than we're used to, but right on target for our 2 hours per model limit. I'll give the girls their kuddos in the next post with links to their other stuff. And off I go!!

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