Monday is now Sunday and that's Awesome!

Hello everyone,
I've made some adjustments to the layout, as you may have noticed, and just for the record I have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully this will make it an easier read and give me room to make the pictures bigger (i.e. visible). I've also added a gadget for the first time to help me see where my audience is - assuming I have one - and how often you show up. It's not stalking, I promise! Feedback is always welcome.

In other news, I've survived my first two days in the land of the gainfully employed. My feet feel like bloody stumps from the ankles down, I'm over-dressed (that's a shocker), and I'll be spray painting some shoes this afternoon so they're the appropriate color...all in all, it's going well. Tomorrow I should get an ID number and start making commissions for myself, instead of making them for whoever is standing next to me at the register. I forgot how much 'fun' the public could be. That was dripping with sarcasm in case you missed it. My days off are now Sunday/Monday, which actually makes Monday into a Sunday - for people like me who hate Mondays with a passion for their untiring ability to screw up a whole week - this is a great and amazing thing.

Anyway, things are good even though times are tough. My hubby is building a ring flash for his camera. He got both of us locked out at about 9:30pm last night as part of the process, managed to break us back in since no amount of doorbell ringing could rouse his mom, and declared to my semi-conscious self around 2am when he came to bed that it was a success. Good times.

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