Mike Henry - 2nd Photoshoot Ever

Last night was our first male model shoot. Honey’s been either avoiding, hesitating, or just waiting for the right guy. That sounded bad, huh. Anyway, the trick with photographing male models is…well, making them not look flamingly gay. Don’t believe me? Go on Model Mayhem right now and look at male models. Most have great bodies, rippling muscles, some bad tattoos, but all horrible poses that scream gay porn. The last one I saw was a very well built gentlemen crouching on a pillar shot from the back. I got a better view of his goods than his proctologist. You catch my drift.

Our model and aspiring actor, Mike Henry however, rocked it. He dressed in a nice suit (one that actually fit - boys pay attention), got the hair standing tall, and was thinking up his own poses. He’ll be doing homework before our next shoot: studying GQ magazine for more poses and facial expressions. He had a great attitude and could hold a pose without blinking for longer than I’ve seen anyone else do it. Also, he has lots of ideas for future shoots, so he gets an A+ for participation. I think we shot for 2 hours. At one point Honey was running into the street to get the right angle, dodging cars. We got a lot of good stuff and had a great time.

Oh, and if you’ve got any feedback on Honey’s shots, please comment. He’s not getting anything out of the LVPS message board, though 25 people have looked at it. The screaming shots were my favorite – Mike actually screamed to get the right facial expression. I was expecting a primal roar, but got instead “fuck my nipples!” and “go fuck a goat!” among others. The few passers by were slightly confused.

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