Back to Bear Paw

Well, it's official: we're going back to Panguitch, UT next month. My birthday is in August and we haven't been out roadtripping in months. We'll be visiting our favorite spot at Panguitch Lake, the Bear Paw Fishing Resort, about 3 and a half hours out of Vegas. We've stayed with them three times so far; the first time with friends in June, the second by ourselves in September when the weather was so bad people were capsizing boats, and again in...I'm not sure when actually but the last trip Terrell came up to join us. The cafe has amazing (and fattening) food, there's indoor plumbing for those who prefer not to rough it, cabins are available (they're very cute and named things like "gone fish inn"), they have boat rentals or you can bring your own. It's very peaceful. We're planning to spend 3 nights, two days fishing and doing general mischief, then taking off for a spin through Bryce Canyon (I think Honey lost some or all of his Bryce pics when the PC went down), also a spin through Zion National Park (no hiking the Narrows this time), and finish with a relaxing dinner at Oscar's in Springdale before heading home.

I've made the reservations. We're committed.

I think we've also recruited Darryll into the madness. He's never been to any of the above-mentioned places and honestly that's practically a crime. So God and the finances willing (or not willingon the later part, I really don't give a damn) we're going! Stay tuned for details. :)

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