Life is Good

As it turns out, the Fates are finally smiling on me - and it's about bloody time - because I have a shiny new job. One using my widely varied skill set, education (that stuff needs to start paying for itself soon), not to mention a pay raise and a shot at those coveted health benefits. This is one very happy girl who is moving up and moving on...whilst not burning the bridge she just crossed cuz you never know. Yay for me!!
16 decorative balls, fishing line,
a decapitated Xmas star and Presto!
There's been an injection of art into our house the last couple days. We both had the same idea for a creative new use for those decorative balls everyone puts in bowls on tables - we made a mobile out of ours. If I can find the picture I'll post it. We also got creative with an old school overhead projector and custom painted some graphics in the dining room -those I do have pics of - and it looks awesome. Texture is a pain when doing detail work, but we managed.
Turkey day is coming! I'm quasi-prepared... I don't have an official head count, or all the ingredients. I'm making a dish I've never made before and cooking for roughly 12. But I do have all the recipes (two were missing for awhile) and did some of the shopping today. We need more silverware... it'll get sorted eventually. It'll be madness between now and then, with new hire paperwork and another trip to the "talent center" to sign forms and get my picture taken (really freaking early in the morning), plus early baking and last minute "oh crap! I forgot to buy..." moments.
And I managed to go through the dreaded family photo CD without crying or getting terribly depressed. Life is good.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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