In a Word

I've finally thought of how to describe myself in one word: classic. In two words: old soul.

I had a job interview for a company where a friend of mine got hired; I was advised the company wanted to know how we would describe ourselves in one word - who we are off the resume, so to speak. I obsessed about it, took a poll of all my friends, and ultimately didn't get asked the question. But Honey and I just finished watching a 20/20 special on Hulu about plastic surgery - the interview with Heidi Montag and how she now regrets everything she did - and I feel a certain sense of loss for humanity. Maybe loss isn't the right word, but we've lost some integrity about how humans are supposed to live. Wrinkles, people - we earn those through years of laughter and tears! You shouldn't be getting breast implants at 17. You should have a network of people teaching you from age 2 that you are perfect just the way you are, and that no amount of ignorant teasing from schoolmates will make you ready to kill yourself if you don't get D cups for your birthday. It's sickening to me. I think back to the 50's and how woman cared about their appearance, but in a different way: they dressed to flatter whatever figure they had, always did their hair, and enhanced with minimal cosmetics. Referencing strictly that portion of that era, we've lost something...acceptance of ourselves.

A friend of mine told me once I was born a decade too late. He's probably right. I don't relate too well to people my own age - some of them are so blatantly ignorant I can't stand it. The younger generation is one of want and self-righteousness, entitlement. Basically if you're under 30 and feel that by your mere existance I owe you something...I want to punch you in the face. I also won't respect you if you wear white base, blacked-out eyes, and black lipstick to an interview. Nobody gives a shit that you're channeling "emo"; they just think you look like a bad clown and need to grow up.

Do I sound like an old lady yet? Can't help it. Older than my years warrant. And with that I'm taking my decrepid ass to bed. :)

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