Awesome Weekend

I've just had an awesome weekend: took a 'personal day' and went Christmas shopping (Honey is taken care of), went hiking in Valley of Fire for a photo shoot, got some excellent one-on-one time with my hubby, made sugar cookies, and got a massage. I am a happy camper. :)

Last Thursday night we had a shoot downtown. Apparently you're not allowed to wear a mask around the vendors because they're afraid of theft - even if your arms are tied behind your back in a straight jacket. A lady handing out flyers made a bee-line for Darrin, saying he needed this (this being a brochure for mental health during the holidays). We got to walk around for maybe ten minutes before security showed up and escorted us to the other side of LV Blvd. Right before we crossed, the guard asked if Darrin would put the mask back on so he could take a picture on his camera phone. There was another security guard on the other side of the street who wanted a picture also. Guess he's already been alerted to the presence of a man in hot pink tights, a straight jacket, and gas mask.

Sunday's shoot was at Valley of Fire - there was no nudity so we didn't get hassled or kicked out this time. We did get some strange looks though, hiking off into the wilderness with 20 black balloons streaming behind us. Stephanie, our model that day, gets big trooper points for not complaining - it was cold and windy and she was wearing a strapless dress and no shoes. On our way back out there was a wedding party, all of them freezing their tails off in wedding attire, who actually got married on a rock while we got a couple last shots on the road. I told Honey they couldn't borrow our balloons, which are still in the back of my truck.
So is anyone ready for Christams? We put the tree up yesterday, but didn't do the outside lights because of the rain. I need to find something nice for Mom. We're going to be printing calendars of Honey's photography...I was just thinking of making them available for purchase thru here... more on that later, and as always feedback is appreciated. Off to work, like a good leming.

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