Missed You Guys!!

Long time no post. Yeah I know. This last month has been rather uneventful for me. Seems all the photo shoots are during my work hours, hence I don’t get to assist or pick up fun stuff for blog content.

We did go to the 2009 Aviation Nation at Nellis AFB. It was cold and windy, but the jets all flew, the parachute jumpers jumped, and a good time was had by all. I ate entirely too much kettle corn. We got to watch a gun store with wings run drills and set off explosions. (A crowd always loves a good explosion). My personal favorite was the C-17. It’s a cargo plane half the size of a football field (175’W x 170’L) that weighs 315,000 lbs without cargo and floats through the skies like a 300 lb woman gracefully doing toe-point ballet. It was enough for me to seriously consider joining up if I could only work on that plane. That and past a physical.

We did our customary “Strays Thanksgiving”; there were 9 of us. There were two strippers - one male, one female – and two massage therapists, one who moonlights as a professional clown, one very short Mexican woman (Mom), a bible-reading nude photographer, a retired Alabama boy who never turns down a meal (he turned down turkey day in Alabama to be with us), my good Honey and myself. We extended the table using a spare, 12ft sheet of chipboard and a king-sized bed sheet. Everything was ready on time, the male stripper texted thru most of dinner, my pumpkin crisp was renamed “insanity cake”, everyone got leftovers, and a good time was had by all…until I remembered I had to work the next morning – that part supremely sucked.

This weekend we went to the indoor swap meet, to see Ninja Assassin and 2012 (in D-box). Let me just say that the main character of Ninja, a man who goes by the name Rain, gives the phrase “body karate” a whole new meaning. I’m still having dreams. I’ll be buying that when it hits DVD. 2012 was also awesome, just in a different way. We watched it in D-box, the new 4th dimension movie experience where the seats move like a motion ride. The only drawback is the vibrations seriously speed up how fast soda filters down the system…yeah.

And on a humorous note, I’ve just been looking through the gag gift catalogs that come every year. They include T-shirts that read “looking for love, but will settle for green jelly beans”, “Danger: mouth operates faster than brain”, and “easily distracted by shiny objects” (my personal favorite). Also a door mat that reads: “never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic” and a wall plague that reads “Diplomacy: the art of telling someone to go to hell, and having them look forward to the trip”. All winners for the kinds of people I shop for.

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