Peace and Solitude

Sept 28-

I'm sitting in Valley of Fire, back off the trail to Mouse's Tank, watching the LV Art Models Group does a workshop while typing this post on my Blackberry. I've been so sick all day I'm not up to being lead photog all day like last time - we had to do it anonymously but some of my stuff is posted on Honey's website from that shoot - but I didn't want Honey to miss out, plus he's assistant organizer and semi-required to be here. The models' name is Lorelei and the preview on Terrell's blog mentioned earlier implies that she's about 5'9" in height...when she's actually a tiny 5'1". There are three new guys here today who, quite honestly, look a lot nerdy and a little creepy. I often wonder how T's group hasn't attracted more perverts who just want to see a naked girl up close. Charlie, one of the regulars, thinks they'll dissipate soon. Word spreads thru Photographic Society meetings, word-of-mouth, and the underground, horny guy network till people are coming out of the wood works, but few stay for more than a few shoots. Some of the places we go are a lot more work than sitting at a pc surfing the internet, if you follow me. It's not as fun to sit on the sidelines, especially since Lorelei seems to be making an effort to be friendly with me - maybe it's because I'm the only other woman here - but it still sucks to just watch. I'm not a photog by any means, but I can handle a camera and get good stuff sometimes and its fun, which is the most important.

I thought I'd mention something I touched on briefly in an earlier post: the quincenera. For those of you who don't know, its a coming out party for Mexican girls turning 15 and going into womanhood. Its a huge deal and would be a wedding if a groom were present. Honey's cousin, Janet (pic at left), had hers on Friday and to me its still culture shock. There's choreographed dancing, catered food, more people who are all related in some way than I've ever seen before, family from out of town who came down just for this - its organized madness that requires you get all dressed up in heels and full make-up. My sweet sixteen was nothing like it. Honey filled all his memory cards plus one of Terrell's, so I have no idea when I'll get close enough to the computer to post this but I'll do my best. I think my next day at home is Wednesday or Thursday. There are gray clouds gathering; hopefully Terrell won't get rained on or flooded out while camping. These canyons are deceptive; sometimes a little rain equals a lot of water rushing your way from somewhere else. We also happen to back off the beaten trail and I'm in no condition to run or climb for my life. The guys are back over a hill somewhere and the silence is deafening, sounds like a very loud low humming in my ears. John Leslie Wolf and I were discussing earlier how one day out here can save you: from the multiple crisis in the media, your work or home stress, and even the daily grind. There's peace and solitude that you have no choice but to align to. A $6 dollar entry fee into here is better than therapy with a psychiatrist. It’s not about figuring it out; it’s about letting it go.

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