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September 23-
As you may have read in my previous posts, my honey is out of work. When they say it’s rough out there, they’re not lying; however, there is a silver lining to the whole thing: he’s got lots of time for photography and believe me, he’s using as much of it as I can manage. We’ve been to the Strip for night shoots, to the Valley of Fire for scouting and a model shoot (read details on Terrell’s blog here), scouting out at Lake Las Vegas - which has a nice place to pull over in front of a water fall, emerald grass, and palm trees - new baby pictures, the photos for a quincinera sign (printed in 20x30) plus the event itself on Friday for probably ten hours. My personal favorite though was the event we went to last night (Sept 22) called 10MinMax. It was kind of a round-about last minute thing he learned about through a new member of the Las Vegas Art Models Group, who knew the guy putting the whole thing together, who didn’t mind letting us in to shoot even though he already had two photogs on the payroll for the evening. For those of you who scream, “Never work for free” like I usually do, in this case free publicity is priceless, for them and us. The event is basically by performers for performers, which equals they all know each other all over Vegas. And considering the number of business cards Honey handed out last night, a fair share of them will be coming to his website to look for pics of themselves or their friends during their performances, which last no longer than 10 minutes, hence the name. Anyway, Marco, the guy who conceived this wonderful madness, puts a show together every six months in a different venue – last nights’ being the Celebrity Theatre downtown on LV Blvd and 3rd (which I didn’t know existed and has very nice bathrooms) to showcase talent is Las Vegas, focused on staying out of the repetition rut which can kill creativity – at least that’s something like what it said on the bio I was handed walking through the door. We went really early so we could sit in the first row in front of a small round stage. To be honest, I felt like I was apart of something special, sitting there watching the true artistic community come together and mingle before the show. How do I say this? Going to First Friday for example just means you were there, you participated – going with a photographer makes you involved, makes you contribute and care about the success of it all because now it’s your success too. I was moved before anything actually happened – that’s how awesome it was.

The show itself started about 15 minutes late but made up for it almost immediately. The passion displayed by every single performer belied the small-scale venue and empty seats, and the crowd in attendance made up for the poor suckers who missed it. There was music and dancing, an acrobat working a ring suspended from the ceiling (expertly, I might add), belly dancers (one group we recognized from the Renaissance Festival), a rock band (my only disappointment of the night: they had a great look, but I couldn’t understand a word the singer said), a magician named McBride, a step crew (think Stomp the Yard, the movie) with a white guy (!) a drumming band using wash tubs and hollow plastic tubes as instruments, plus a fashion show featuring two designers, one of whom is Marlo, the new member from whom we learned of the event. Told you there was a roundabout circle thing happening! The show was from 9 – 11pm, though it lasted till 12:30am, after which a DJ took over and we bailed. After a 10-hour day and looking at another one, I needed sleep. Yeah, I know – party pooper.
In closing, I would say it was the best $15 bucks I’ve spent recently, only I didn’t have to spend it cuz my hubby is a photog and gets me into stuff for free. But for those of you who missed out, you really missed out. We’ll try to alert everyone in 6 months when it comes around again. Not only is it a great venue supporting artists in Vegas, it’s a great photo op and a fantastic evening out with booze and varied entertainment. And Honey’s name is on the program! How you do you like that!
Also, I know there aren't a lot of pics with this post, but there are loads on Honey's website under the DreamCity tab. Check them out - you won't be disappointed!!

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