Two Weeks in Photos

There’s a photo shoot going on right now in the newly constructed studio. I’m here but I’m apparently no longer necessary. I’m needed to clean up and make sure the house is presentable, cook chicken wings and order pizza, but Honey is something of a one-man show in a studio. Fruits of that shoot will be along soon.

A couple things I should address for anyone who’s curious: I finally got to see the horror short that Kendra was in (she’s the disturbing child clown), and honestly I was confused and thus didn’t ever post the link. It was something along the line of ‘bad things are coming to get Daddy, but your guardian angel (Mommy) will protect you if you sit in this bathtub’; then Daddy gets attacked by an orc (for lack of a better term). Daddy got disemboweled, then the orc considers Kendra thru the shower curtain (a clear one no less), and Mommy turned into a demon, kinda like something at the end of those emails where you’re supposed to stare at the super hot chick but then she turns into a zombie hag accompanied by the scream from the Exorcist. And that was the end. I personally thought Kendra was creepier during our photo shoot.

Secondly, the photos from the other photo shoot I was working on getting are done. They’re here for you now.

Then there's the stuff from Stephanie, aka The Guess Model.

And lastly, a sample from the Barrit Jackson auto auction and a very disturbing creature at the Renaissance Festival.
For those that don't know, that's a Maserati emblem.

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