Memorial Weekend

I’ve been advised recently that more paragraphs are necessary for “improved readability” of my blog posts. This one’s for you, Terrell.

Honey has officially been published in a magazine!! TransWorld MotoCross, April 2009 issue, second to last page features the ‘helmet for your neck’ braces and the face of the very lovely Megan O’Hare. Credits are visible if you nearly split the glue in the center.

Tomorrow night is Honey’s birthday get together. We seem to be recruiting people in staggering numbers. At lunch the count was hovering at 12, counting myself and the family of course, but I think we’re long past that. We’re having Mexican shrimp cocktail, marinated chicken, strawberry shortcake, and enough beer to sink a small vessel. If I can’t be fishing – this is the second best thing.

Mom’s new bedroom furniture came today so if any of our stray friends need a temporary place to crash the futon is now free (in a room with its own TV no less).

The rest of the gang is outside talking shop still. It’s getting a little photo techie for me and I can’t contribute, so I’m in here writing to you good people. Feel special.

For everyone who gets tomorrow off – party it up!! And I shall leave you with a quote:
"I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth." -Steve McQueen


Deadly Knitshade said...

Dispicably cute piggies. Can I knit them jumpers? :)

MonkeyOne said...

The one you knitted for the other piggie was dispicably cute too, so I'd say yes!